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Below is just a few questions we can answer here.  If you have any others please feel free to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    What does the season cost cover?

    Currently, the costs covers practice facilities, uniforms and team expenses (i.e. insurance, tournament fees).  All travel expenses to any team functions (tournaments, practices, etc) are not covered and are the responsibility of each family.  All of the coaches and staff are volunteers and do not receive any salary.

    When will we practice?

    The goal is to hold team practice at least twice a week, starting in the fall, with additional practices being specialized, for instance Pitcher/Catcher practice. We will come up with the best schedule to meet everyone’s needs.  There may also be additional work the player is responsible for learning on their time.

    What is meant by a “competitive” team?

    A competitive team is one that plays to win.  It’s meant for players who want to take their game to the next level of play.  There are no mandatory play rules and the manager and coaches will make the best decisions to help SCBC win ball games.  Players are to understand that practices are not play dates and they are expected to come to better their baseball skills and knowledge.

    At the end of the day, what should I expect?

    After a season with SCBC you can expect your child to develop strong fundamental baseball skills, increased knowledge of the game, and a great experience.  Understand that with hard work and passion team goals can be accomplished.  He will meet adults that will not only support him, but push him to his personal goals.  We can’t promise any number of wins, but when the season ends we can promise your son will be guided by men who care, make some new friends, be a much better ball player, and have a great time doing it all.  It is all about making this a great experience for the team, the boys, the parents, and the coaches.  It takes all of us to make this a successful season.

    Where are we playing?

    We are playing in Shenandoah Valley Tournaments. 

    What does my son need to play?

    The season cost will cover the complete uniform.  Your son will be responsible for anything else he needs to play including:  safety equipment, fielder glove (catcher glove if catching), bat, and cleats.  If your son has interest in catching, we highly recommend his own personal catcher gear.

    Does this mean my son might not get into a game?

    There is no guarantee of playing time within games. Playing time decisions will be based on a number of criteria:  skill, effort, attitude, attendance of practices & workouts, and game situations.  With that being said, we are playing in multiple games in a weekend (and day).  All active roster players will be expected to be at the games and ready to play.