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Our mission in starting this new organization is to provide boys a local opportunity to play higher competition baseball at an affordable cost.  There are not many available local options for the boys to work on their baseball skills during the fall / winter offseason.  In addition, it is not just about baseball skill development.  We are challenging the boys to be better young men by focusing and developing the following traits: being a great teammate, team work, perseverance in difficult moments, being respective to others, developing mental strength, communication development, overcoming challenges and adversity, hard work, leadership development, good sportsmanship, dedication to a cause, loyalty, and “we” before “I” mentality. 


Our vision is to become the prominent local competitive baseball organization that is a short and long term provider of developing local kids from tee ball up to high school.  We will provide an opportunity to develop their skills with a short and long term strategy tailored to each individual player.  We will develop a reputation to be the very best youth baseball organization for development and providing a great experience.   Over the next few years we will strategically start adding teams at younger age groups to develop a pipeline for development. 


Teamwork.  To be successful in a team sport, playing as a team is absolutely critical to be successful.  We will challenge our players to work towards common goals together.  Team first mentality will be stressed and re-iterated continuously.

Skill Development.  We will have a tailored short and long term development plan for all players.  Baseball is one of the most challenging sports to learn due to the depth of information that must be digested and practiced.  Basic hitting, throwing, and catching are only a small subset of skills that need to be developed.

Mental Perseverance.  One of the most underrated aspects of any sport is mental toughness.  We will challenge the boys in many difficult situations to ensure they are mentally prepared for any situation on the diamond or in life.  One can’t change what just happen, so do not focus on it but learn from it.

Sportsmanship.  An important item for the organization is every member to be respectful, whether winning or losing, of others on and off the field.  The practice of strong etiquette and respect teaches young athletes’ good behavior that carries over to all aspects of life.

Hard work.  Teaching the importance of committed hard work for a common goal will always pay off in the long run for a team.  When we challenge the boys with homework, drills, endurance drills, agility drills, and baseball situational play we stress the importance of giving 110% for every rep because it does matter.  We must put in the work to get better each and every day because our competition is putting in that work.

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